Memorial Day Ceremony Returns to Bar Harbor 

After a year hiatus, folks in Bar Harbor were able to observe Memorial Day this year..The Commander of the American Legion Post 25, Jeana Durost said missing out on last years events prompted this years ceremony “Oh I got all kinds of ugly e-mails and letters people were not happy.”One of those upset about missing out last year was business owner and veteran George Clemens. He wanted to do something this year, and as the procession made its way to the end of the pier, it wrapped up weeks of planning.”We have veterans from all over the country of course this is a vacation place so people here they’re here by chance so because they want to be here on purpose,” said Durost.One of those on hand was Joe Kirk. He’s related to the man that American Legion Post 25 is named after.Young and old alike were involved in the ceremony.”Oh the Boy Scouts are involved every year, they are good to us,” said Durost. ” The Boy Scouts are a charter for the American Legion, we take them, they’re our responsibility but unfortunately with the dying post we haven’t been able to do that as much and be the figure head to them that we like to be and that’s really sad.”This year’s plans were expanded from what was done in the past.”Normally the American Legion goes to all cemeteries and retirement homes and does brief ceremonies along the way,” said Durost. “At the pier is one of those brief ceremonies, but today we have two keynote speakers, we have the Connors Emerson Band, we have a group called The Gospel Gents, they’re an a capella group and we have two different reverends offering prayer and the Coast Guard has agreed to come and drop a wreath into the seas so that’s really nice.”Organizers want to continue these events next year.