Sunshine Provides Nice Start For Bar Harbor Businesses 

Last year the businesses in Bar Harbor suffered from an unusually rainy summer that washed away a lot of their profits. If this weekend is any indication they should rebound quite nicely this year.Glenn Tucker owns Acadia Bike and Coastal Kayak Tours and he’s been busy all weekend. “We have been ecstatic about the weekends business,” says Tucker, “after last years rainy May, June, and July everybody was looking for some dry weather and we’ve got it. I think the whole town is slammed this weekend.”People from all over flocked to Bar Harbor for the long weekend. Julie Trimmer and her family have spent the long weekend camping here. “It’s a beautiful day,” says Trimmer, “enjoying it very much. Camping this weekend so we’re sitting by the campfire, looking forward to our lobster bake.”Bob Pushard owns the Bayside Trading Company on Main street. “There are a lot of folks in town. The tourists are here and everyone seems to be having a good time. The weather has been great and so far it looks like a great kick off to to a great season. “A lot of the camp grounds and hotels were full and some of the popular local activities, like whale watching, had people lining up. Downtown restaurants also got in on the fun. Matthew Schneider, General Manager of the Quarterdeck on Main street says they had a packed house all weekend. “Foot traffic means people and they gotta eat and they gotta drink and they gotta shop and bar harbor is happening.”The buisness owners around here say this weekend has been a far cry from the soggy weather of last summer. Now they’re just hoping it’s a sign of things to come. “We get a little taste especially with the cruise ships coming in and the tour busses coming into town this time of year,” says Schneider, “it does give us a taste of what it’s gonna be like. Last year was a little bit of an off season all the way around right through the fall. But Memorial Day weekend is our hint of what’s to come for sure.”And if the sunshine sticks around it could make the folks around here forget all about last year.