Waldo County General Hospital Officials Celebrate Expansion 

The folks with Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast say their dialysis unit and some of their other departments had been cramped for space.That’s why they were pleased to cut the ribbon on a new building this morning, after less than a year of planning.”They built this place during the winter time, in eight months, on time and under budget. That’s my style,” says Jenness Robbins, head of the board of Waldo County General Hospital. Robbins joined local administrator Betty Jo Shaw to cut the ribbon on this new addition.”Everyone is really eager to be over here and have the room and make this a home again,” Shaw says.The new building allows the hospital’s dialysis unit to double in size. Shaw says there are lots of small touches for patients, like better TV placement and reduced glare from windows, as well as new equipment and systems to save employees time.”We used to carry jugs to the machines and we had to do that throughout a treatment. Now all of that is actually piped in. We plug it into the wall and it saves time and it is much better for efficiency,” Shaw says.Upstairs, the new building will house some departments that before had squeezed into a 1950’s motel on the property. Officials say not only are they happy to celebrate this move, they tell us the hospital itself is doing well.”We have a real great executive director in Mark Biscone. He always keeps us on the cutting edge of technology and in the black, and we feel very fortunate,” Robbins says.”It is the work of everyone that is involved in the hospital, all my co-workers deserve a pat on the back because it’s their efforts that really make it go,” says Mark Biscone, Waldo County General Hospital executive director.The new dialysis unit will start serving patients Monday.