Etna Grass Fire 

The Maine Forest Service is investigating a grass fire on Pine Grove Lane in Etna Friday.At least seven surrounding towns helped to battle the flames.Photojournalist Tom Round takes us to the scene.” This is the biggest woods fire that we’ve had actually in Etna in the past couple of years.”” Right now we’re between the 4 and 5 mile acre mark.”” The fire is burning deep into the ground. It’s going to require a long time and a lot of resources to extinquish this fire.”” The traditional back pump that works good on a grass fire and a field fire isn’t working for us today. We have to use a larger diameter hose.”” The evergreens started lighting up. We’ve had a fire approximately 1 foot off the ground. And then 10 seconds later we’d be faced with 30 to 40 foot flames.”” We had to utilize Maine Forestry with their chopper. Do air drops to contain the fire.”” We’re talking Memorial Weekend. A lot of people are away. So getting the man power has been an issue today. And thank god for mutual aid.”” We did have a house that was an exposure that was our primary concern. We were able to save the house from the fire and the fire burned into the woods.”” At this point in time we’re looking at a controlled fire but a lot of work left to do.”