Mock Accident at U.T.C. 

Public Safety students from the United Technologies Center in Bangor were called to an A.T.V. crash outside their school Thursday. Even though it wasn’t real, it was a real test of the skills they’ve worked on all year.”We just kind of showed up to class like normal everyday, and Mr. Palmer surprised us.”This was the final test for the Public Safety Class at U.T.C. They learn about law enforcement but really focus on firefighting and E.M.T. Skills.”We weren’t told what we were going to have, how many patients or anything like that.”The students had to respond to an A.T.V. crash with two victims.One was very seriously injured.”The guy conked out and went flat line.””Kind of got their adrenaline flowing.”The students spent all year learning the skills they put to use at this scene, but this felt a lot more real.”This was completely different, never experienced anything like that before in my life”Although the students made a few mistakes they learned some lessons. That’s good considering many will be pursuing careers as first responders.”This is real important because when you’re dealing with somebody’s life you have got to get it right the first time.”