Clinton Elementary Students Perform Annie 

Parents and friends turned out in Fairfield Thursday to see a group of second graders performance of the broadway classic Annie.Rob Poindexter has the story.This group of students from Clinton Elementary have been working towards this performance for quite some time. “We started at the beginning of the year just little bits. So we do a couple minutes at the end of the day and the last two weeks we really put put some quality time in and practice.” “It was fun…Yeah it was really fun basically we skipped like 3 days of school because we had to work on the set.” The kids performed their production of the broadway classic Annie in front of around 300 people- including classmates, parents, and friends at the Williamson Center.”Well Annie is one of the students favorites. All around the world people have done Annie. It’s fantastic.” For some of these students this was their first exposure to theatre. “This has been a tremendous experience for these kids. She’s able to have kids that may be a little more shy be on stage and singing their hearts out.”Kristie Littlefields daughter, Addison, plays the role of Annie. She says Mrs. Bartley has had a tremendous impact on her.”She has also served as an incredible inspiration to these kids because her enthusiasm is infectious whether it’s a stage production or a math lesson. She’s just one of those rare gems of teachers and this district is so fortunate to have her.”Now that these kids have been exposed to the theatre the question is will they continue to perform in stage productions? “Yes…definitely yes!!”