Mobilize Maine 

An aggressive vision for the city of Bangor is in the works by members of Mobilize Maine.They have crafted a regional vision of what they think Bangor should look like by 2020.Members say it’s a plan they hope the entire business community can get behind.They have found assets they believe make Bangor competitive to other areas and that could attract people and businesses to locate here.One of the goals is to get the region’s median household income at, or greater than, the national average.Currently median income in the Bangor region is about 10-thousand dollars below the nation’s.”Our region in order to grow by $10,000 over 10 years is a pretty significant jump. So this is something we’re going to need everybody’s help with. But if we can do it, it will mean that everybody in our region will benefit.”Wednesday’s discussion was just one of many that Mobilize Maine members will have to help move their vision along.