Leadbetter’s Family Restaurant Opening In Bucksport 

Folks passing through Bucksport will no longer have to look around to find a family restaurant. The new downtown eatery is also giving local businesses a boost.Residents gathered on Main street to watch as construction began on a new family restaurant. Co-owner Jeff Leadbetter was also on-hand to watch as the modular building was assembled. Leadbetter says the new family style restaruant is just what they need here. “We couldn’t find any place to have breakfast,” he said, “we drove down to Duffy’s down the street a ways and thought wow we need something in Bucksport.”By using the modular design Leadbetter and his partners managed to save around 15% in construction costs. The move has also allowed them to have all the work done by maine buisnesses. “The factory that built the house is KBS building out of South Paris,” says Andy Ball, owner of Showcase Homes, “and we’re right in Brewer on Wilson street, and we’re using Keeley Crane that’s also out of the state Maine, Portland. It’s great to have local businesses working with other local businesses.”Ray Atkisson is the general manager at KBS building systems. He says since they started manufacturing commercial buildings they’ve seen their business skyrocket. “Last month and this month we’ve actually hired 57 new employees,” he says.The new restaurant sits on the Bucksport waterfront on Main street and is expected to seat up to 50 people. “We’re going to try to see what the local people of Bucksport want and try to cater to them mostly and the tourists are going to come anyway,” says Leadbetter, “we hope so as long as we keep the local people happy we’re going to be happy.”They hope to have the restaurant completed in about a month which is good news for the folks around here. Alton Gross has lived in Bucksport his entire life and he says he’s excited. “I’m looking forward to some nice meals cause I like to eat!”