Brewer High School Students Talk Health 

Teens have a lot on their minds these days, and some students at Brewer High School say they want to make sure keeping healthy and safe stays at the top of the list.That’s why they organized a high school health fair, specially designed to reach their peers.In the halls of Brewer High, Collin Darby was working on 60 pushups. Inside the library, students were learning about the human brain.”We’re having a health fair. It’s actually pretty cool,” Darby says.Students came up with the ideas for this fair to address issues they say are important to their peers.”The students picked their own ideas for their own research and did their own tables as well. All different types of things, one did chewing tobacco, one did teen pregnancy,” says Kathrin Hastey, with Penobscot Community Health Care. “We had another student that wanted to do club drugs, marijuana and alcohol, another student picked self-harm and self-injury.”Hastey is part of the school-based health center and advises the Student Health Advisory Board that organized the fair, through students like Hannah Simmons.”That’s why we’re here, to help them get educated,” Simmons says.She was trying on what are called “fatal-vision” goggles.”The goggles obviously serve as being impaired under the influence of alcohol,” says Officer Liz Kelley, the school’s resource officer.”It’s fun and goofy but they do understand that alcohol is obviously a very serious thing, especially when it comes to drinking and driving,” Kelley says.”I think all these exhibits makes it more fun, interacting with other people,” Simmons says.Groups in the community also were there to offer their resources, at a time in teens’ lives when there’s temptation for risky behavior.”They’re learning things, their bodies and minds are still growing and the more information they can get about any healthy situation is going to benefit them,” Kelley says.Students say it all was such a success, they’ll be back with an even bigger fair next year.