Stockton Springs Woman Pleads Guilty to Terrorizing 

A 51-year-old Stockton Springs woman accused of threatening a woman over the phone after an alleged home invasion pleaded guilty Tuesday.Belfast police arrested Sharon Bucklin and her husband after an incident in April.Officials say 48-year-old Owen Bucklin pushed in an apartment door, looking for a man he says owed him money. The man wasn’t home, so police say Bucklin threatened to kill the man’s girlfriend.They say Sharon Bucklin later called the same woman to threaten her.Bucklin was sentenced to four days in jail on the charge of terrorizing, which amounts to time she has already served.”It is one of the more serious misdemeanors, it’s a Class D charge. And in this case I think it was a fair sentence imposed by Judge Worth, of 4 days in jail, which I think is a significant sentence for someone who has no prior record in the past 17 years,” says Eric Walker, Waldo County Deputy DA.Owen Bucklin will face more serious felony charges related to the incident. He’s due to go on trial in August.