Ellsworth Art Students Thinking Big 

A group of art students at Ellsworth high school combined math and problem solving skills to create some larger than life sculptures. They’re receiving high praise from their classmates and staff for their creations.Christine Roy is the 3D sculture art teacher at Ellsworth high school. She says the students that take her class are always up for a challenge. For this assignment, students were asked to mimic a swedish sculptor and make a large replica of an everyday object. “They had to find some small object and create a scale for it,” says Roy, “for example, an inch would be a foot. So they took a thumbtack or a pencil and they measure it and then they created a large scale object.”The students took the idea and ran with it. By the time they were finished, even Claes Oldenburg, the sculptor who inspired the assignment, would have been proud. “We’ve got 10 foot pencils and a 4 foot thumbtack and a 4 foot I-pod,” says Roy. The project took the students several weeks to complete and presented various challenges. All sorts of materials were used, including wood, paper mache, and metal. Blake Wilder was the amateur sculptor who created a 10 foot pencil that now adorns the hallways at the school. “There’s a lot of angles especially in the tip,” he says, “the tip is actually six different pieces of wood all cut out of different angles.”Junior Paul Hewes made a thumbtack out of metal that stands 4 feet tall. “There’s also metal,” he says, “I didn’t appreciate the metal. I cut myself an awful lot.”Roy says the project proved to be a test for the students involved. “So there’s a lot of math involved and problem solving and how are they going to create this large scale sculpture so they combine many different mediums,” she says.Roy says she’s thrilled with the results. Through all of the bumps in the road the students here agree on one thing. Elizabeth Hamilton made a giant replica of her boot. “I had a lot of fun,” she says, “I’d have to say this is one of my favorite projects I’ve done in high school.”