Fairpoint Workers Hand out Knit Caps to Military 

In honor of Military Appreciation month, workers at Fairpoint Communications took time off from work Monday to head to the airport.There, they helped Bangor Troop Greeters welcome in a flight heading overseas.As Joy Hollowell tells us, they sent the U.S. Air force members off with some Maine-made protection.=======When you think of the desert, wool caps don’t usually come to mind. So it may come as a surprise that the folks from Fairpoint Communications handed out the hats Monday, to military members heading overseas.Turns out, they come in handy in hot climates.The hats will help keep heads warm, especially during the night time when temperatures do drop drastically. But they also serve another purpose, when worn underneath helmets.”They will come in very handy,” says Tom Campbell, Fairpoint Communications employee and retired Air National Guard member. “Over there, when you’re in green country, you’re always wearing battle armor and for chafing on the head is a bad thing, especially in the heat and in the cold.”Workers at Fairpoint as well as retired telephone service employees from all over the country knitted the caps-450 of them in all. They did it to thank the troops for their continuing service to our country.”Words can’t even describe that someone took time out of their day to show appreciation for what we do,” says Captain Chad Krastins from Robins Air Force base in Georgia. “It speaks miles about how much support and caring the state of Maine has for the troops serving overseas right now.”========This is the first year Fairpoint workers have handed out the homemade knit caps. They hope to make it an annual event.