Bradford Group Petitions for New Town Meeting 

Some Bradford residents are moving forward with a petition to re-do their town meeting, after they say proper procedure wasn’t followed the first time around.Selectmen and others in town say only a minority of people are displeased, but still, it’s turning into a legal issue.It came up after the town meeting in March. A resident wanted to increase the allotment for the Rec Department, but was told they couldn’t because it wasn’t an “open” article on the warrant. Turns out, that might not have been the case.”And in the two months following, we’ve been trying to correct it so we don’t set a bad precedent for future years. And that’s all we’re trying to do. It’s not a personal thing,” says Diane McDonough.McDonough says they’ve gathered 80 signatures on a petition to revisit the warrant.Selectmen we spoke with declined to appear on camera. They say the misinterpretation was a legitimate mistake, but they can’t do the meeting all over because of it. They and others in town tell us the people pushing the issue are a minority.”It continues to be brought up that it’s just a minority of people that have a problem, just a minority of people that came to the meetings. That’s the way it is in Bradford. It’s usually the minority that sets the budget every year, that puts the selectmen in office,” says resident Nicole DeMoranville. “To scoff at it is really unfair.””At this year’s town meeting there was 150, 160 votes cast for selectmen. Out of 1200 people in town, that’s a minority,” McDonough says.Selectmen have been in contact with the Maine Municipal Association and are currently seeking legal advice.McDonough says they hope to submit their petition to a notary this week.