Sightless Man Talks About His Hike Along the Appalachian Trail 

Folks gathered Thursday evening at the Muddy Rudder restaurant in Brewer, to hear an inspirational speech from the only blind man ever to travel the entire Appalachian Trail.Bill Irwin lost his sight when he 28.He said he battled many personal demons throughout his life.Irwin was 50 when he completed the more than 2,100 mile journey along the Appalachian Trail. He made the trek with his seeing eye dog, Orient.He said it was a spiritual journey that changed his life. “I’ve learned to broaden my comfort zone a lot,” Said Irwin. “I now choose to use the outdoor toilet. I sometimes go a winter without running water just to keep in touch with the way life could be.”Thursday’s event was organized by the Bangor Humane Society as a way to thank those who donate to the cause.