Chihuahuas From California Arrive in Maine 

Some dogs from California have made the long trip to Maine. The hope is they’ll be able to find loving homes here.Judging from the outpouring from folks on their first day here, it looks like that won’t be a problem.”You had a long trip didn’t you fella”He sure did. This little chihuahua and his 12 amigos just arrived from Los Angeles, California.Their trip to Maine is the idea of Tracy Sala, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Knox County. Last January she saw a TV program about the abundance of chihuahuas in Los Angeles. In fact the shelter these guys came from gets about 300 of the dogs each month.”Since we have some empty kennels and we have a high demand for small dogs in Maine, we thought it was a good fit. So arranged to have them flown out here.”A woman from Pennsylvania gave $1,000 to the effort, and Global Packing and Shipping out of Camden paid for sending the crates out to California.The dogs were flown to Logan Airport in Boston, then driven here to Thomaston Thursday night.”When I showed up this morning, I was amazed at how calm they were and just sitting in their pens just looking as cute as can be.”And that cuteness is working in their favor. Eight of them have been adopted so far, and lots of people showed up to fill out an adoption application.The folks here at the shelter say they expect to keep the program going as long as they can.”Part of the adoption fee about a third of their adoption fee will go back to L.A. so that more chihuahuas can get their wings and fly to new homes in Maine.”If you’re interested in adopting one of the chihuahuas, you can contact the Humane Society of Knox County at 594-2200 or e-mail them at [email protected]