Youth Summit at Bucksport High School 

A Youth Summit was held at Bucksport High School Thursday.Students had the opportunity to discuss some of the troubling issues they face on a daily basis and suggest solutions.Meghan Hayward has the story.”We want the kids to have a voice. We want them to be able to say what they feel is good or bad about the school and try to make some changes in that.”Recently, it appeared a white supremacist group in Bucksport was trying to recruit teenagers. The leader later said it was a hoax.One of the organizers of the youth summit says the event was planned before the alleged hate group surfaced, but it’s even more relevant now.They say kids reactions have really impressed them.”Because I’ve learned through planning this summit that these youth have some wonderful ideas. I mean they’ve just amazed me.”Senior John White was upset when he heard the white supremacist story.”I was embarrassed. It really marred the town’s image and our community just isn’t that way.”The summit also covered bullying and sexual harassment issues. Stephen Wessler from the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence spoke at the summit.He says words can be a very dangerous weapon.”It always started with a routine use of negative words and put downs that nobody interrupted. Creating the impression that those words were ok which then caused somebody to think if that’s ok I’ll take it to the next level.”Students think the summit will have a lasting impact on their peers.”Even if we get a few students that are enlightened by this it will be a victory.””I think everything needs to be equal. I think people have to have a good experience at high school and they shouldn’t have to worry about all these issues.”