Workplace Stress – Free Seminar 

The workplace is the new centerpoint for increased levels of stress and anxiety according to Kennebec Behavioral Health therapist and Administrator of Access and Outpatient services Bob Long. He says many people today face higher productivity demands, diminished retirement funds and layoffs, which are all attributing to stress in the workplace. Depression, anger, substance abuse and other negative health issues at work can compound the challenges that workplace managers and employees experience as well Long says.To help employers identify and deal with these health care issues, Kennebec Behavioral Health and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce will offer a free one-hour presentation called, “Healthy Minds, Healthy Workplace,” the presentation will be held at 8 a.m. May 21 at the REM Center, 93 Main Street, in downtown Waterville. Long will offer tips and information to help employers maintain productive working environments.