Railroad Training for First Responders 

Emergency Crews were called to railroad tracks along the Bangor waterfront Thursday.There wasn’t an emergency. They were being trained on what to do when there is a train accident.The program was sponsored by Operation Lifesaver. They promote safety along the rails.Organizers say first responders encounter unique situations when responding to a rail emergency.So they were taught how to get information about some of the hazardous materials that trains carry, and about the dangers of boxcars that have doors weighing 2000 pounds.Norma Griffiths of Operation Lifesaver says, “There are so many different dangers that are not normal to their job. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to train them about the things that they don’t know about as a normal course in their firefighting training.”Bangor firefighters were on the scene to get some hands on training along with Maine Forest Rangers and Wardens.Operation Lifesaver plans to hold another training session in the area in October.