It’s Bike to Work Week in Maine 

It’s bike to work week in Maine. The bicycle coalition of Maine is encouraging people to put the pedal to the pavement. People are being encouraged to ride bikes all week, and especially Friday which is bike to work day.”Its really great gives people a chance to get fit and being green.”For many its time to ride after work or on weekends.”People are looking to ride in the Bangor city forest or the carrage trails and people are using it as a mode of transportation a lot of people are biking or road riding.”A national survey released this week shows that for the 2nd year in a row, Maine is the 3rd most suited state for bike riding in the nation.”Some roads need some work but for the most part roads are decent enough to ride on.””As a cyclist you do learn what roads are good and what aren’t. Most have wide shoulders most motorists are looking out for cyclists now a days.”