Fundraiser for Afghan Dogs 

A local woman is raising money to help rescue some dogs in Afghanistan.Anna Maria Cannan’s boyfriend is a member of the 172nd infantry unit out of Brewer. They’re in Afghanistan right now.During the time there the unit has befriended some stray dogs, and some of them are considered heroes.One night a suicide bomber tried to enter the living quarters of some American soldiers, but three dogs chased him down. The bomber never made it to the target, and the dogs are credited with saving the lives of many soldiers.One of the dogs died in the attack but two others survived and now have puppies.Cannan says, “They come back from these missions and these dogs greet them with excited wagging tails and it just melts the soldiers’ hearts and they just can all share this story. They really built strong bonds with these dogs.”Cannan is raising money to bring the dogs back to the U.S. when the soldiers do in December.Thursday, she got a boost. Showcase Homes of Maine gave the cause $500.But she needs to raise $15,000 to bring all five dogs back.If you’d like to help out you can go to any Key Bank Branch and donate to the Puppy Rescue Mission.You can also log onto There you can read more about the story, and make a contribution.