CMN Champion 

A four-year-old boy is this year’s Children’s Miracle Network “Champion” for the state of Maine.A “Champion” is a child with a remarkable medical story.The Champions serve as ambassadors for the 17 million children who are treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year.Clayton Wilson was born 6 weeks early.His lungs were under-developed.But luckily, he only had to spend a few days in NICU at Eastern Maine Medical Center before going home.And now he’s a 4-year-old full of energy.” We couldn’t be more thrilled to be ambassadors for this amazing program. When someone saves your child’s life not once but twice there’s not much that you won’t do for them. And we’re just very grateful to all the people who support the Children’s Miracle Network.”Clayton will travel to Washington DC in June and then Orlando in November as an ambassador.