Tanning Part 2 

”Well when I was young, we were in the summertime out in the sun a lot and sunscreen wasn’t used as much as it is now. And then I did use some tanning beds probably in my twenties and we’ve also lived in some areas that have been nice and I’ve spent a lot of time out in the sun.”Angela Cahill says looking back now, she knows she did not protect her skin from dangerous rays like she should have.”Well when I was younger, I didn’t always use sunscreen and as I got older I started using sunscreen but not the proper SPF. I used the lower, maybe 15 on my face.”Cahill moved to Maine from Hawaii. She says as she started to lose her color, she noticed sun spots on her face.She decided to undergo a procedure called MedLite.”A MedLite laser is a pigment removal laser. We use it for various pigment disorders but sun damage is a pigment disorder that responds very well to the MedLite. It’s a laser called a Q-Switched laser. Very quick procedure.”Dr. Stephen Nightingale of Coastal Health Center in Ellsworth says it’s a painless procedure and only involves a couple days of recovery.He says while it can remove sun damage to your skin, it doesn’t prevent future damage.”You still have to take care of your skin after the procedure is over. The conditions that we just mentioned will progress or return if you don’t continue to take care of your skin.”For folks with at risk skin or a history of skin cancer, who still want to get a golden glow, there is an alternative, a spray tan.”I always wanted to open a tanning salon with tanning beds, but I decided that I didn’t want to do that. It was very expensive and my mom ended up having skin cancer. So I decided what’s the next best thing to out in the sun and will save your skin.”Diane Burgoyne researched different kinds of spray tans for about a year before deciding on Fantasy Tan. She says spray tanning has become more popular.”My clients that come in have either had bad experiences with other sunless tanning or they have to stay out of the sun. Or they’ve had skin cancer themselves. A lot of people are being more health conscious about staying out of the sun or tanning beds.”Burgoyne says spray tanning is a safe alternative.”It’s 100 percent safe. It’s very natural. It’s FDA approved. It mixes with the amino acids in your own skin and you get color.”Burgoyne has even come up with a slogan she says is a hit with her clients. Save your skin, go sunless.”I came up with that because where my mom had the cancer. I want people to know that there’s a safe alternative. So hey, save you skin. You won’t get cancer or wrinkles.”