Hartland Preschoolers Tour Dairy Farm 

A group of preschoolers from Hartland had the chance to tour a local dairy farm this morning. For this anxious bunch of preschoolers, this day couldn’t come soon enough. The group from Hartland Consolidated and Hartland Christian schools braved the wet weather and and took a tour of a functioning dairy farm. Hailey Dellarma is the preschool teacher at Hartland Consolidated school. “They’ve been very excited,” she said, “we’ve been talking about it for a couple weeks now.”The kids got a first hand look at the day-to-day operations of a dairy farm, from the milking of the cows, to making their own butter from scratch, and of course they got to enjoy some ice cream.Victor and Laura Bissell own the Somerset Jersey farm in Palmyra. Victor has been farming since he was 10 years old and the bissell’s have been hosting kids here for the past 20 years. “It’s fun to let them see what actually goes on in producing their food,” says Victor Bissell, “they’re all just intrigued. It’s something they don’t do everyday, most of them anymore, so that’s why we have them out here.””We’re hoping they learn about maine culture,” says Dellarma, “that they understand where their dairy products come from and that they take the opportunity to visit farms in the area.”Some of the parents, like Heather Shaw and Jennifer Fall, were lucky enough to take the tour with their kids. “It was good,” says Shaw, “I’m glad we were able to come with them because it is interesting even for us. We don’t get to see it everyday.””It was awesome!” says Fall, “I enjoyed it. I think I liked it just as much, maybe more than she did.”The kids seemed to agree on which part of the day they liked the most. “The horse riding,” says 5-year-old Leia Fall. 5-year-old CHarlee Munn agrees. “Horseriding!” she says. What does she like about the horse riding? “The horsies!” she replies.