Brewer Coach Tries to Grow Lacrosse in Eastern Maine 

Lacrosse is one of North America’s oldest sports. In recent years, the sport has seen a surge in popularity but no high school north of Oakland has a varsity team. A coach in Brewer has taken up the challenge of developing the sport starting at the middle school level with the hope that high schools begin adopting lacrosse as a varsity sport.Randy Day is a pioneer of sorts. He coaches lacrosse to middle school kids in the Brewer area and is hoping local high schools start varsity teams.Randy Day – Lacrosse Coach”It’s the fastest growing sport in the country and for some reason, it can’t come north of Augusta so I thought nobody else is going to do it, so I guess I’ll do it.”Through word of mouth, he’s gotten local interest from quite a few middle schoolers.”They know somebody, they’re friends with somebody. Their friends playing it so they want to to try it out. It seems like every night I have a few new kids showing up who wants to try it out and I put a stick in his hands and the next think I know, he’s oredering equipment and he wants to play.”Once the kids start, they stick with it.”I started playing and I just got hooked onto it. I hope lacrosse is going to be a lot more popular.”And even in seventh and eighth grade, they recognize that they could be at the start of something big.Justin St. Pierre – Reeds Brook Middle School”It would be nice to see my kids playing lacrosse also and I can say I was part of the 1st brewer lacrosse team.”