Students Release Salmon Frye 

The Kenduskeag Stream has a few more fish in it now.That’s because kids from the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor held their annual Salmon Release Tuesday.It was a great day for a barbecue, but this gathering along the Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor was about something much more important.”We’re going to drop the salmon into the water.”This is the 4th year students from the All Saints School have made an event out of dropping salmon frye into the stream. But the salmon didn’t start out looking this way.”They started out as a little egg and they’re like orange and red.””Like tiny eggs and one little eye.”That’s right the kids were given eggs. They’ve had them for a while.”For a few years or weeks.”Actually they got them last February, and they got to watch them grow.”They started hatching and eyes come out.”Now they look a lot different.”They look like little fish.””Little fishes.”These little fish were the source for a lot of important lessons, about nature, and the life cycle. The older kids even got some lessons in science.”Second grade, they’ve actually been keeping track of the water temperature, how much they’ve grown each day. They’ve recorded the size of them and kept a journal.”Some of them even know where these baby salmon are headed.”They’re gonna go up through the Penobscot river to the Atlantic Ocean.”So it was time to say goodbye to their new fishy friends, and send them off on their adventure.”Goodbye swimmey and slippery”