Student Activists Killed in Trenton Crash 

More information is coming to light regarding a fatal car crash in Trenton over the weekend.Authorities say two of the victims were well-known activists on behalf of undocumented students.The victims were 26-year-old Cinthya Nathalie Felix Perez and 27-year-old Tam Ngoc Tran, both from Southern California.They were passengers in a car driven by 28-year-old Heather Lee of Rhode Island when the car struck a pick-up truck head-on.Felix Perez was reportedly the first undocumented student to attend Columbia’s Mailman School of public health. Tran was a doctoral student at Brown University.Both were promoters of the so-called DREAM Act, a bill in congress that would grant citizenship to undocumented students who demonstrate good moral character.Both Lee, and the driver of the pick-up sustained minor injuries in the crash.