Police say Driver Fell Asleep Before Driving into Home 

Police in Pittsfield say a driver who’d fallen asleep at the wheel drove his car into a 123 year old victorian home, taking out two walls and a porch.Homeowner Peter Hartel says it was a little after one when he and his wife came downstairs and found a car in their living room.Hartel says the room was filled with insulation flying around.He says they wanted to help the person inside the vehicle but noticed there were wires hanging on top of the car and they were concerned someone would get electrocuted.The driver, 42 year old Kenneth Curtis of Newport, cut his head and was taken to a local hospital. The owners of the home were not injured.”It was a pretty traumatic event. It woke up all the neighbors and we had great response from Pittsfield Fire Department and from the police department. So really a lot of community support over the past couple of hours and last night especially.”Police say Curtis was charged with having illegally attached plates and no insurance.The insurance company is helping the family with living arrangements for the time being.Electrical repairs will need to be made before they can move back in.