Goodnow’s Pharmacy Closes in Rockland 

It’s the final day of business for a locally-owned pharmacy in Rockland. Goodnow’s Pharmacy is closing, after seventy years as part of the community.”Customers were loyal. We had the majority of the market share in this area. So on that score, we were doing pretty well.”CEO Chad Cloutier says despite a strong customer base, in recent years this independent pharmacy had been losing money on drug reimbursements.”You don’t necessarily control the price that you’re paid for your drugs. That’s controlled by insurance companies, Mainecare, Medicare and your third party insurance companies, so they control the price. It depends on your customer mix what your reimbursement mix is going to be,” Cloutier says.He says that’s what forced them to close this generations-old Rockland business. They’re transferring prescriptions down the street, selling the business to Rite Aid.”It’s not a decision we wanted to make. Letting go of a Rockland icon is not an easy thing to do.”Cloutier says they want to thank their customers for their loyalty through the years. Many came in to say good-bye.”I’ve followed Goodnow’s Pharmacy from Main Street, to the Wayfarer building to here. It’s sad,” says Darene Belyea. “I come in here and they know who you are. I’m going to miss that,” says Frank Collemer.”They’re nice people and I’m very disappointed they’re leaving,” says Joan McKay.The 12 employees here have found new jobs, with Rite Aid and elsewhere. Rachel Monroe tells us, at least they’re leaving with fond memories.”Working for Goodnow’s was the best job I’ve ever had,” Monroe says. “We couldn’t have asked for better customers or people that were in charge. They treated us just like family, and so did the customers.”