Pittsfield Library Work Completed 

After 10 years of fund raising in Pittsfield, the restoration and expansion project at the town’s library has been completed. On Saturday, the library opened its doors to the public to showcase all the hard work they’ve put in.Changes include restoration to the old library, adding new rooms, art and decorations, and improving the flow and comfort for the readers. With this project done, the torch has been passed to the newly formed group, Friends of the Library. This group will continue to fund raise and provide volunteer assistance. “The foundation has been established and we need to keep growing with that,” Said Friends of the Library member Lancy Bradshaw. “We started 100 years ago, I wasn’t there, but now we need to continue the work and to build on the foundation established by the people that have now restored and renewed and I think the past meets the present and future in this library.”The $1,500,000 project was funded mostly by the community.The Town of Pittsfield donated 100 thousand dollars to the project.