Lincoln Students Take Stand Against Bullying 

Students at Mattanawcook Academy in Lincoln say they don’t want to see bullying continue among their peers at their school. Monday, classmates joined together with the Bullying Prevention Team to take a stand.You couldn’t miss the posters on the wall or the speakers at lunch. Students on the Bullying Prevention Team say they also don’t want harrassment of any kind to go unnoticed.”Today is really a day just to get the word out that bullying is definitely a problem at our school and we need to find a way to stop it. Before awful things happen to kids who deserve to have a great chance at life,” says junior, Jaimee Batchelder.They say of the students at Mattanawcook Academy who responded to a recent survey on bullying, 77 percent said they feel safe at their school. But, in line with national estimates, they say 31 percent reported they had been bullied on school property in the last year.”People don’t see the negative effect it has on people. Maybe somebody can be bullied and they’ll just kind of shrug it off, but really deep down they might be going home and thinking about it and getting down,” says senior, Sean Sibley.Sibley says that’s why they’re taking the initiative to try and prevent the lasting damage that can result from bullying, even if it’s not physical. They’re asking other students to stand up, as “allies.””They’re the students we need to be involved because they come from different areas around school and they can go back to their cliques and their groups and spread the word there,” Sibley says.”It was crazy to see how many kids were behind us on this,” Batchelder says.They say in a bullying situation, even one person standing up to help can make a big difference.”In situations where nobody did anything, something horrible could have happened. But if you can just step in, and just maybe sit with somebody,” says freshman, Courtney Burris, “you can change the whole outcome of things.”