Kayakers’ Bodies Found 

The search is over for two young women who went missing Sunday while kayaking off the coast of southern Maine.The Coast Guard recovered their bodies Monday morning.18-year-old Irena McEntee of Hoschton, Georgia and 20-year-old Carissa Ireland of the Ukraine paddled the one mile from Peaks Island to Ram Island in Casco Bay early Sunday afternoon.They intended to paddle back to peaks but didn’t make it.There was a small craft advisory Sunday afternoon with sustained winds over twenty miles per hour.US Coast Guard Commander Brian Downey says their kayaks were found Sunday. Their bodies were found around nine Monday morning, six-and-a-half miles away from where they set out.US Coast Guard Commander Brian Downey says, “Working with the families we were able to determine that the kayaks and the belongings did in fact belong to Irena and Carissa and we then shifted to a person in the water search.”The water temperature is between 46 and 48 degrees. Commander Downey says life expectancy is about 7-8 hours in those conditions.McEntee and Ireland were in street clothing. Both were wearing a life jacket.