Ellsworth Students Using Creativity To Help Their Community 

A group of students in the Ellsworth area are using their creativity to help raise money for some worthy causes in their community.The program is called “Empty Bowls”. Students all over the Ellsworth area in RSU 24 are making original ceramic bowls during their art classes.The bowls will be sold for $5-$10 depending on the size.All proceeds from the students creations will go to the Loaves and Fishes food pantry and the new emergency room at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. Nikki Chan is an art teacher at Ellsworth High School. “This is a project that art teachers around the country can do,” she says, “they’ve raised money for Katrina, they’ve raised money for Haiti, but often times it is used as a local fundraiser where people raise money for their local food pantries.”The bowls the students are making are called slump bowls. Senior Tashia Daley designed her bowl in honor of her favorite sport, softball. “We had to bring in a bowl and then frame clay around the bowl and then paint it and draw whatever we wanted on it,” she says.Students are encouraged to use their creativity when designing their bowls. Julia Fregoni is an exchange student from Italy. This is her first ceramics class and she’s happy it’s for such a good cause. “It’s really interesting and I really like the way you can express yourself with clay and create bowls and vases like we’re doing,” says Fregoni.Chan says it’s important that the students learn about the needs around their community. “I think it’s so important,” she says, “one of the bullets on our mission statement is to be a global citizen and to understand that even though it’s not just a high school art class, it’s not just about doing this project it’s about being a member in the community and helping whoever you can.”