Bangor Baseball Wins Again 

Bangor and Stearns have the only undefeated baseball teams in Eastern Maine. Stearns won its game at home against Central.Bangor taking on rival Hampden.No score until the last of the 2nd inning when Bangor gets in gear.Kyle Savage to right center and that was good enough to get two runs in, first its Devon Lyshon, who led off the inning, and Nate Lewis came in as well.Later Lyshon came up again and this time the bases were loaded.He rips it into the gap in left, that cleared the bases. First Lonnie Hackett, then Cody Mcinnis and then Joe Stanovich.Bangor wins it in a game shortened to five innings. The final 15-2.Bangor is now 11-0. Nate Lewis with the win.