Symposium on Indian Nicknames as School Mascots 

The use of Indian nicknames for mascots in Maine schools was the topic of discussion at a symposium in Bangor Saturday.The talk focused on rather using these images for sporting symbols is respectful or disgraceful?The symposium featured three panels with representatives from Maine’s four native american tribes– Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet.There are about 20 schools in Maine who have changed their mascots from a Native American symbol to something different.Other schools are in the process of phasing it out.But there are a few who have kept their original nicknames.Michelle Bernard was one of the panelists.She thinks its important to have a symposium like this to get the awareness out there.” And so the fact that we have all these people getting together and coming to a meeting of the minds about this saying yes maybe this is something we should address. If we have just one person leaving here with an open mind and maybe giving it a second thought I’m happy.”Organizers say they are happy with the response the symposium received.