Town Responds After Man Says Supremacist Group is a Hoax 

Earlier this week, people in Bucksport responded with concern and anger when someone posted fliers in town seeking members for a white supremacist group.Now a man who said he was the leader of the group has changed his message, saying the whole idea was a hoax to get people’s attention.”I think he’s a little ridiculous to draw so much attention to himself and want to rattle up a whole town,” says Kasey Pelletier.”Why would somebody go to that extreme to do something like that, to test people that live in the town? I mean, it’s kind of like a dirty trick, if that’s what he was trying to do,” says Nina Peddle.”I was disgusted and a little offended,” says Nathan Webster.The man who says he’s the one behind the Bucksport Bay White Youth Pride Party now claims he was the only one involved in this scheme. He says his name is really Matthew Laue, not “Proprietor Mutt,” and he put up the posters to show people how far someone will go to get attention.”People are afraid to talk about anything controversial. And I think everybody really ought to be able to open up and speak about just anything,” the man told TV-5 in an interview. He claims some people responded to the posters with support. While people we spoke to say they support free speech, they couldn’t believe anyone in town would support a hate group.”It certainly has created some great concern throughout the community. We definitely do not support or condone such behavior,” says Jim Boothby, the superintendent of RSU 25.Boothby says they’re trying to turn this incident into a positive learning experience. They’ll be talking about equality and other topics at an upcoming student summit that was already in the works.