Teddy Bear Clinic at St. Joseph Hospital 

A trip to the emergency room can be a scary experience for a kid. But the folks at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor are doing their part to make it a little more bear-able.Chelsey Anderson has the story.The folks at St. Joseph Hospital are doing their part to promote hospital week. They invited students from All Saints Catholic School in Bangor to bring their stuffed animals to the emergency room for a check up and receive any necessary treatment.Dr. Thomas Dancoes, Emergency Medical Physician- “We hope that we can introduce them to the hospital setting and make them feel a little bit more comfortable, so if they do need to come into the hospital they know what to expect.”There were teddy bears, kittens, dolphins, moose and even a hamster with a variety of injuries.Britney- “Our bear got hurt and we are all going to fix them up today. And he broke his tummy and he got a shot.”Connor- “He fell down the stairs. He broke his arm and his leg.””And I put these on and I listen to your heart.”Emma- “My dog, they were playing, and then my dog got kind of rough and bit her arm.”John- “He jumped off a tree and landed on his leg and he was trying to do a trick.”Dr. Thomas Dancoes, Emergency Medical Physician- “Some of the stuffed animals have fallen off the bed and hit their head. But most of the animals are doing quite well and will recover very well.” “You know what? You’re right. She is very healthy. You take very good care of her.”Dr. Thomas Dancoes, Emergency Medical Physician- “It’s wonderful to work with the children and get energized with their wonderful spirit and excitement about being here in the hospital.”The doctors sent students home with a recipe for recovery.Connor- “We give him lots of hugs.”