Bucksport Supremacist Group a Hoax? 

It was all a hoax.That’s what the young man who claims to be behind the Bucksport Bay White Youth Pride Party says.A man claiming to be 21-year-old Matthew Laue of Bucksport says he made up the hate group to get people talking and elicit a reaction.Laue posted fliers around the town that included swastikas and those fliers encouraged people ages 15 to 35 to join the white supremacist group. He also made up the name “Propietor Mutt.”Laue says he wanted to show people how far someone will go to get attention.He also claims he wanted to show people that controversial topics should be discussed.”Anybody who questions the way things work as a norm and questions anything and really no one seems to have the gall to try to challenge it and speak up and I’m trying to encourage everyone to be active because I know everybody has a thing and I definitely want to empower people I guess to be able to voice those opinions and to do something about how they feel about whatever their opinion is,” the man told TV5 in a phone interview.Laue says he got the reaction he was looking for. He claims he received e-mails from people looking to join the group, as well as e-mails from people against the group.Laue says he does not support the beliefs of the hate group. He claims he chose to promote that type of organization in his hoax because he knew it would get a passionate response.