Prepare Maine Initiative Announced 

Education is vital to the success of Maine’s economy. That’s the message of a group of business and educational leaders called the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education. They announced their new initiative Thursday, Prepare Maine. They hope it will help all Mainers understand how important it is to make sure our citizens are well educated.They point out that Maine students do worse than other New England students on Math and Reading tests, and about 49 percent of them don’t pursue higher education after high school. University of Maine System Chancellor says “If we do not focus on this as our highest educational priority then all the talk about developing Maine’s economy is just talk. Everyone wants our kids the opportunity to be educated in Maine get a good job in Maine, stay in Maine. The Coalition for Excellence in Education will help that become reality.”Members of the group made the announcement at three locations, Portland, Skowhegan, and the United Technologies Center in Bangor.For more information on the initiative, log onto