Landlocked Salmon Released into Branch Lake 

Something has happened at Branch Lake in Ellsworth that hadn’t happened in ten years.The lake has been stocked with Landlocked Salmon.Meghan Hayward’s on the story.More than 1,300 Landlocked Salmon have been released into Branch Lake in Ellsworth.” We’re stocking here today Branch Lake after a ten year hiatus. This was the old public launch site and got closed down in 1999. Since then we’ve negotiated with the city of Ellsworth and the Department of Conservation to build a new public access.”In 1999, the old launch site was sold to a condominium association, which decided to not allow the public to continue to use it.The city of Ellsworth agreed to let the Department of Conservation build a boat launch on their property on the lake.”The city will manage that. Now that that is done, we feel comfortable on the city’s side that we can preserve the quality of the lake and allow sport fishing open to the general public.”Those involved in stocking the salmon again say it will bring great benefits to the state.”This type of fishing opportunity is just reaching across our state. In the state of Maine today, sport fishing brings in up to about 450-million dollars into our economy.”They say Branch Lake is the perfect location for this kind of sport fishing.”One of the richest and best cold water lakes that we have in the area and it’s potential for growing sport fish is well documented.”City officials were concerned with the water quality, but say they now have a water steward who’s running regular tests.”I’ve been on this lake my whole life and it’s nice to see it being fed fish again.””Finally we’re at the end now where we can see that the launch site is going to go in. We’re very comfortable with putting the fishing here. We’re excited for the future of Branch Lake.”