Opening Day at Bangor Historic Track 

Its called Bangor Historic Track because it’s been around for 127 years. The new harness racing season kicked off today. It’s the first of 53 race dates. The schedule is mostly Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Our own Tim Throckmorton spoke with some drivers as well as Chandler Woodcock of the Horseman’s Association.”Well every day is a great day at the race track Tim, I’m here to make sure that people can function in their job during the day.””They’ve spent quite a bit of money and the track seems good this year hopefully there is alot of money and hopefully we’ll all have a good season.””We get back to being with people that we haven’t seen in a while so its like back to school again you know.””I think Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway has improved the facility here with a new paddock and barn facility and the relationship with the horseman has improved in my opinion and we:re looking for a continued relationship as the years go on.”Their will be a dedication for the new Bud Cianchette Paddock this saturday afternoon at 1:00.