EMCC and Husson Sign New Transfer Agreement 

There’s a new transfer agreement between Eastern Maine Community College and Husson University. The presidents of both schools signed the agreement Wednesday. EMCC students who earn an Associate in Applied Science degree can transfer, with junior status, into Husson University’s Bachelors of Science in Business and Technology program.School officials say this new option gives students with good work experience a more efficient path to a four-year degree.”The program that is being articulated to Husson is a program that allows people with a certain amount of work experience, life experience, to create a portfolio and have that assessed by EMCC. And what Husson is saying is we’ll accept your evaluation for full credit,” says EMCC President Joyce Hedlund.”We know that as individuals receive opportunities in higher education, it’s an economic development tool. We are giving them an opportunity– not every students will go on and take advantage of four years of education, but this allows them to do that,” says Husson President Robert Clark.Officials say students at EMCC will be counseled on how to take advantage of the transfer agreement.