Eddington 4th Graders Stitch Quilts for Kids 

Some students at the Eddington School have been trying their hands at sewing recently– they’ve finished making more than 20-quilts. But at a school assembly Wednesday they gave those quilts away, to help other children.”My first quilt took me about five days to color all the pictures because I worked my hardest. And then three days to finish stitching,” says Raven Hatch.Fourth graders at the Eddington School have been working, piece by piece, on these quilts for weeks. They made them for other children who are sick or going through tough times.”Even when they’re in the hospital, to make it feel like they’re in a safe place and actually help color up their rooms,” Hatch says.The students made 24 quilts and grown-ups in the community stitched a few more, to give to Project Linus, the Ronald McDonald House and the Spruce Run Shelter.”Me and my friend Connor worked as hard as we could to have kids be happy with their quilts and make them feel like they were in a better place,” says Justin McGregor.Amanda Cost is taking blankets back to Spruce Run. She says the quilts stay with children while they’re at the shelter, then go with them when they leave. So now, there are quilts from this school all over the state.”It’s so outstanding to come here and watch them present these quilts. There’s so much pride and care and compassion behind it, it’s amazing,” Cost says.The student tells us they want children in crisis to feel safe and warm when they get these blankets, and know that other children care about them.”We worked very hard on it to make kids happy, and their families,” says Ryley Wheelock.”My favorite part was getting to know that I was going to help somebody,” says Samantha Watters.This is the ninth year the school has been making these quilts. They say it’s a project they’ll keep passing on to future generations.