White Supremist Group Emerges In Bucksport 

A white supremacist group has surfaced in Bucksport trying to recruit new members. The group is causing outrage among residents and police say there’s very little they can do right now.”Trying to make America an all white nation”. That’s the message of a self proclaimed hate group that’s causing concern, shock and anger in bucksport.””Proprietor Mutt” is one of the leaders of the Bucksport Bay White Youth Pride Party.” “It’s definitely a white supremacist movement,” he says, “I’m not denying that as it was in the paper there have been a lot of criminal and evil behavior that have come out of other groups in the past and we’re trying to stay pretty firm that that’s not how this is gonna work out.”He says the group has 40 members, all in the Bucksport area. He stresses they are a non-violent group.the group has posted recruiting flyers around town. “We have only seen a few to date up to this point that have been turned in to the police department,” says Chief Sean Geagan of the Bucksport police, “but that’s not to say there aren’t more out there.”Residents say it’s disturbing the group is trying to recruit young kids…”I think it’s absolutely revolting,” says Dianna Gray, “I think it’s terrible that our little new england town can have something like that being thrown in it’s face.” Corey Davreau, bucksport resident for more than 35 years agrees. “I’m quite concerned about it because it only takes a little bit of misguidance to cause a problem.”Many concerned citizens have asked police if the flyers are illegal. “No it is not illegal to post these in public areas,” says Chief Geagan, “it is a freedom of speech issue. But it is certainly something that as a police department and safety of our citizens we take very seriously and keep a good eye on.”The superintendent of the Bucksport school system says he has no indication any students are involved with this group. They do have a strict dress code that doesn’t allow things like swastikas to be worn in school. “I’ve experienced much lesser issues and the parental uprising was quite remarkable,” says Davreau, “you know people around here enjoy the way they live. They’re very proud of the values that they have. and people don’t like to change that especially when it’s going in a negative direction.”