Reading Dog 

The Bangor Public Library is offering a unique program.Kids get to read to a four legged friend.Meghan Hayward has the story.This is Atticus, a certified therapy and rescue dog.He’s listening to several children read to him.”One of the things we’re finding is that when they’re reading to a dog, the dog is non-judgmental. He just sits back and listens. So they open up and the stories seem to come alive more.”The listening lab is part of the Bangor Library’s Tail Waggin Tutor Program.From three to five every Tuesday, Atticus is on hand.”If they stumble over a word, Atticus will help them get the right word. I’ve been doing this for about two years and the comprehension in reading that I’ve seen in the children has come so far.”The children seem to respond well.”And it’s kind of fun because I love dogs. I have a dog and cat at home.””It’s not my favorite to read out loud, but it’s helped me read out loud.”The program is open to children over 4-years-old.Once they’ve read ten books to Atticus, they get a special gift.”Atticus will personally give them a pawtographed book that has his own paw print as a reward for their success in reading.”Organizers say they’re happy with the response they’ve received.”The program has exploded actually. Atticus’ dance card is full through the end of June which is amazing.”