MDI Students Raise Walls on Habitat House 

A group of students from Mount Desert Island high school reached a milestone on a class project Tuesday. The Habitat for Humanity class raised the walls for the first time on a new house.All together they lifted, and the walls went up. One by one, these students put up four walls that will eventually be a home.”The hardest part is probably the plans. We had to figure out how much wood we needed and what the lengths were going to be.”Senior Joshua Clark and about 20 other students have been building this house as part of their Habitat for Humanity class, which incorporates social studies and technology.Senior Alyssa Walcott tells us they’re proud to help raise money for supplies and build a home for a family who needs it.”A lot of people have seen this as a really big learning experience,” she says.”We got a house! Hey!”Their teacher, Bruce Munger, says they’ll check to make sure everything fits together just right before disassembling the pieces to take to the job site.”This class is not just building a house for somebody. It’s building it with them, because Habitat policy is that homeowners have to do 100 hours of work. So they have a lot invested in it. It’s their place,” Munger says.”Nice work, yeah! Good job.”The next time they raise these walls, it will be for good. Munger says he remembers sharing that experience with past homeowners.”He’s looking out the windows and I said, ‘This is your kitchen window. You’re looking out at your yard.’ And he just lit up. It became very real at that point. It wasn’t just parts or pieces. It was his home.”While this home probably won’t be completed until the fall, the students say they can already tell — it’s going to be a nice place to live.”And now we see it up and it’s just like, ‘Wow.’ It has a big impact on all of us,” Walcott says. “It’s really nice, actually.”