Knights Landing Road Improvements 

Improvements are planned for a road in Brownville that’s been a source of frustration for some folks in town.The Knights Landing Road leads to Schoodic Lake.The Brownville Town Manager says potholes and drainage issues along it are an ongoing problem.Boundary disputes and other issues over the past couple of years slowed down progress.But the town recently took ownership of the road, and that means work will be getting underway to improve it. “As soon as we’re able we will be doing at least a temporary fix to the road to make it more passable and to try to address some of the drainage issues,” Said Sophia Wilson, Brownville’s Town Manager. “We’re actually working with the town engineer to come up with a design for a permanent underground drainage plan, and a plan to actually rebuild the road.”Wilson says an estimated cost for the project has not yet been determined.She says that despite the progress that’s been made, there are still many steps to go.