Homeless Shelter Receives $50,000 Gift 

The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter in Waterville is getting a boost from a local business. Shelter director, Mike Marston has announced that Campbell’s Agway True Value has offered up a $50,000 challenge gift. True Value owner Brent Burger says they’ll match community donations up to the $50,000 mark to be used on the construction of a new shelter. The current shelter has 18 beds, a new home would increase that number to 40 according to Marston. Marston tells TV5, “There’s a big demand, more people than we can hold. We’ve seen a rapid increase in families. About 25% of our guests are children, 45% are women and 30% are solo men.” While Brent Burger may be the man behind the money he won’t take all the credit. “We believe it’s important to let our customers know that their support of our business allows us to do these kinds of gifts back to the community.” Burger says. Matching donation canisters are set up at each store location in Farmingdale, Madison, Skowhegan and Winslow.