New Website Gives NESCom Students A Leg Up 

Students graduating from the New England School of Communications in Bangor are about to enter a very competitive job market. The faculty and staff at the school have come up with a way to give the students a bit of an advantage.In the good old days, college graduates had to mail a resume to a prospective employer and wait weeks to hear back. Not anymore. If you’re a graduate of NESCom, prospective employers can see what you can do with the simple click of a mouse. It’s their new website called “Hire Me.” Bill Devine is the Director of Career Services at NESCom and says the concept for the website was his idea. But to make that concept a reality tool the combined efforts of just about everyone on staff. “Hire me is our mechanism for helping our graduating students seek employment,” says Devine.It’s a user friendly website designed for employers to find the NESCom graduates who have the exact skills they’re looking for, simply by typing those desired skills in a search engine. “If that’s photoshop or network conferencing, video conferencing, whatever the case may be, audio setup and mixing, and up will pop the candidates that have those keywords associated with their resumes,” says Devine.Not only can employers see the candidates, but in some cases, they can actually watch those candidates in action. The website also displays resume tapes for the journalism students, as well as MP3 audio tracks of for the radio broadcasting majors. Once students accept a job offer the website stamps the word “HIRED” over their profile photo and hides all the personal information and resume material. Devine says this keeps employers from raiding, and possibly stealing, a student that has already signed on somewhere else. “So the employer now has the chance to see the entire package,” says Devine, “the photo, the contact information, the resume, but even more important all the supporting material.”Melissa Antononi will receive her degree in video production this Saturday. She says the new website has gone over well among her fellow classmates. “I think a lot of people see it as something extra, something to help us,” she says, “I mean we’re not the only ones going into this field.”Mike Gradski is getting his degree in sports broadcasting. He’s hoping the website will help him find work. “I’m happy with it,” he says, “I’ve got a demo reel out there and a resume, I’m hoping to hear from some employer that’s looking around.”Devine says as far as he knows, no other college or university has a website like hire me. Which gives NESCom graduates a huge advantage entering a still fragile job market.