How Disgusting Is Your Desk? Part 1 – Collection 

Most people spend at least eight hours a day at their jobs, and will eat at least one meal at their desk.But how often do you really clean that desk? How dirty can your desk get? We were very curious to find out how dirty our desks are, and if we need to keep things a little cleaner to stay healthier.So, we had some testing done.Jennifer Long from Affiliated Labs in Bangor came by the studio to take some swabs of nearly everything we touch, from keyboards to cameras, to microphones, to find out how many bugs and germs are living in our work space.Dr. Kirk Doing said we will find things, because we are surrounded by them no matter what we do to keep things clean.”You look at the human body and there is one to the 14th power of cells on the human body. That’s a one with fourteen zeros after it. Only ten percent of those are of human origin, so the rest are all bacteria for the most part, molds to some degree.”Since the Swine Flu outbreak, many people have been using hand sanitizer and cleaning their homes with bleach or alcohol based products, in an effort to reduce the number of germs and to stop the spread of infection.”Things like alcohol, clorox, those types of true disinfectants that we put on inanimate objects, they act more as detergents and they break down the lipids and what not in the cell wall so the bacteria is never going to become resistant to those because they just can’t because of the physical nature of the way that they kill. So, we’re not inducing resistance with any of these types of things, so I don’t think hand gel is a bad thing.”But even if we remain vigilant about cleaning, we can still pass germs from one co-worker to another, and we can do it pretty easily.”Viruses are transmitted often times are left from a cough onto a hand, left on a phone receiver, left on something else, someone comes and picks up the phone and touches their eye, touches their nose and inoculates themselves, so things like the common cold are transmitted that way.”But Dr. Doing says some believe all of the cleaning we do may have an adverse effect on our overall health and well being.”So there are some people that have the theory that because in the more developed countries we have a lot more allergies, a lot more asthma and could it be that we live in too clean of a society and so we’re exposing or basically implementing more of the branch of our immune system that sets off allergies versus those that target infections. So it may be one of the issues associated with higher allergies, we also have more chemical pollutants and those things in developed countries.”