Old Town Church Helps New Mom’s On Mother’s Day 

For the 5th straight a church in Old Town is focusing on new mom’s on Mother’s Day. This year they’re branching out a little further. At the St. James Episcopal Church in Old Town they spend Mother’s Day trying to help families with young children get the things they need. It’s their 5th annual baby drive. Paula James is the organizer for the baby drive and says they have everything a new mom could possibly need. “We have diapers and baby wipes and blankets and socks and things like that,” she says, “some families that are having really rought times need these neccessities but can’t always afford these neccessities.”In years past the items brought in during the baby drive would go to the Crossroads ministry in Old Town. However this year all the donated items will be turned over to the Indian Women’s Mission on Indian Island. “They mentioned they had a lot of young mom’s, a lot of single young mom’s with babies and toddlers,” says Baines, “so we decided to this year we we would donate our items to the Indian’s Women’s Mission and on the alternating years we would donate to Crossroads ministries that we helped in the past.”The women’s mission on Indian island serves around 400 families that live on Indian island but they don’t stop there. “They have a small supplementary food pantry that serves the Penobscots on Indian island as well as other families in Old Town. They don’t turn anyone away.”George Lambert, the pastor at St. James, says events like the baby drive are very important to the people around here. “Outreach is very important to us,” says Lambert, “I think we actually get more out of it then the people we serve and I think we all realize that it could be us at some time.”